AI that helps non-technical team members collaborate better with your engineering team

We help product teams work better with AI, allowing non-technical team members understand code with the help of AI, allowing them to better understand the work being done by development teams.

Who can use it?
Helping non-technical team members

Who can benefit from our AI?

Whether you are a non-technical Product Owner, Support Analyst, Technical recruiter, QA testers, Jr developer, or non technical founder or manager or any other non-technical role, you can work and communicate better with programers and engineers with the help of AI.


Developers can use the power of our AI to better understand code and can even help to fix or provide tips about broken code the the rest of development team.

Product Owner

Product owners can review code and understand what it does even if they are not technical, this provides them with more tools to have dialogue with developers about what is being built.


Recruiters that are in the lookout for IT talent can use our AI to put together test, create questions and understand code that is provided by candidates.

Technical Support

Technical support staff at many companies need to run queries to search databases, our AI can help support staff to put together SQL queries, for example, so that they can pull the info they need.


On the same page

AI can help teams communicate better and build better software by allowing less technical team members have better understanding of the code being built be developers.

Product owners can review code and understand what is being built so they can communicate with everyone on the team in a more direct and productive way.

Any member of the team that is not building code can now understand coding concepts better so that they can do their jobs better with more understanding of what is under the hood.

Support personnel can provide better customer care by being able to quickly run queries for what they need to find with the help of AI, even if they are new at the job.

Fix bugs faster with AI

Understand unfamiliar codebases

Implement third-party libraries faster

Understand legacy code faster

Secure and private. Code is never logged, stored, or used as training data.

Get started
For managers

Spend less time talking to developers about code details

Use Ultrix AI Hub's tools to describe and explain code in a way you can understand. Ultrix AI Hub does for code, what Figma did for design. We streamline collaboration between developers and product managers. It’s built to empower product teams.

With our AI your existing developers can spend less time onboarding new developers, helping them focus on high-level overview and shipping new features, while new team members get caught up quickly.

Analyze individual commits right from your browser in real time. Not every user story is pushing a new feature: Some are fixing bugs, improving performance, cleaning technical debt, and doing maintenance. You need to know what is going on.

By helping managers understand the architecture and structure of the software being built, we help them focus on product strategy more effectively.

By providing an easy to use tool to analyze code, Ultrix AI Hub helps you understand if code is being rushed or if people are underperforming, all in real time.